Who cares who is fired!

The firing, or more appropriately relocation of Tony Hayward will do nothing to clean up the billions of gallons of oil and dispersants which have been disposed of in our Gulf. This will not bring back a way of life for millions of residents along the Gulf Coast and it will not affect any changes in our Government in order to assure this will not happen again. 
Hayward's firing is nothing more than yet another political move by BP, a show boating, a "cleanwashing" on the level with their greenwashing campaign in the decade before this catastrophe.
I fear people will see this and the cap as an end to this ecologic and economic disaster. I fear Americans will go along their merry way unable to accept their role in this catastrophe by insisting on "cheap" oil and energy each year at the polls. I fear the Gulf Coast residents will be left to clean up BP's mess.
We must insist on progress for our country. We must stop relying on dirty 19th century technology and fule sources and move into the 21st century. We have the opportunity to lead the world into a clean energy future, how will you make that happen?
Chasidy Fisher Hobbs
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