Welcome to Save Our Gulf Jeff!

Hello all, my name is Jeff Gill. I was hired a week or two ago by Renee Blanchard as an intern to help get our oil companies to safeguard the environment from accidents. E. O. Wilson once spoke fondly of organizations such as Waterkeeper Alliance, which he collectively nicknamed the "Thin Green Line," who are willing to stand up for an environment which others have not yet fully seen its potential. If he spoke fondly of it, I will too!

The role I hope to fulfill this summer is one not only of helping form a coherent, accessible argument for the preservation of our Gulf, but to reach out to communities and help a communicating, informed family of waterkeepers to thrive in the disaster magnet we call the Gulf Coast. Knowledge is power; unfortunately there is very little knowledge on some facets of the issue of oil spills and their footprint (short- and long-term) on the affected surroundings they rear their mucky, mischievous heads.

Over this past year, it has become increasingly obvious to me that the world is a fragile, corruptible place. The side of environmentalism that advocates preservation and restoration has always been interesting to me in a distant, fond way. My mother is a doctor of microbiology, which led me into a deep informal education on how the cogs of nature mesh (or meshed, depending on your outlook) so beautifully.

As a student of mechanical engineering, the focus I usually fit to myself is alternative, clean energy solutions. The internship I now hold easily grabbed my attention from both sides, because it will focus on oil spills, their adverse effects on a victim environment, and the ways oil can be remediated and ecosystems restored. The lesson I am quickly learning is that there are so many facets to this whole “fixing the world” gig. It’s tough!

I think it’s fair to say that I have my own ends to do this internship as well. I really want to get to the bottom of this “oil spills are bad” conversation, and figure out exactly what is happening in our waters where fishermen fish, researchers discover, and children play. Perhaps in a culmination of research and understanding, new solutions can be taken in. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to network with those who work so hard every day for the protection of our watersheds and our gulf.

So thanks, dear Waterkeeper family, for reading this far. Once again, my name is Jeff, and I hope to offer some service to you in the future.

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