The Weeks Bay Principles for Gulf Recovery

Charlotte Wells (Galveston Baykeeper), Paul Orr (Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper), Tracy Kuhns (Louisiana Bayoukeeper), Tammy Herrington (of Mobile Baykeeper), Chasidy Fisher Hobbs (Emerald Coastkeeper), Andy Smith (of Apalachicola Riverkeeper) and the Alliance's Janelle Robbins worked with more than 90 other Gulf coast advocates to draft the "Weeks Bay Principles for Gulf Recovery."  The Principles are grounded in confidence and trust, inclusion, transparency and science and present a unified vision that will guide our work towards restored and healthy natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico region that supports Gulf communities and wildlife, the region’s unique cultures and the nation.  The Principles set goals for community recovery, public health, coastal restoration and marine recovery and resiliency.

If you would like to sign on to the Principles, please email Dan Favre at the Gulf Restoration Network (

Click below to download a copy of The Weeks Bay Principles for Gulf Recovery [PDF format].

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