Waterkeeper Alliance, SkyTruth, and SouthWings Launch Gulf Monitoring Consortium

We are so excited to share with you that this morning SkyTruth, SouthWings, and Waterkeeper Alliance launched the Gulf Monitoring Consortium. The Gulf Monitoring Consortium is a rapid response alliance that collects, analyzes and publishes images and other information by space, air, and water in order to bring truth to oil pollution incidents that occur in the Gulf of Mexico.

During the height of the BP oil disaster the Waterkeeper Alliance depended on our traditional front line monitoring of oil pollution, our waterways, and our communities to get passed the BP PR machine. We also depended on volunteer pilots associated with SouthWings to take us in the air to find the truth out for ourselves. The lack of transparency and the chaotic environment during these harrowing months is widely known to those in and out of the Gulf coast. This alliance will help lift the veil of missing information around oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico.

Save Our Gulf Waterkeepers on the Gulf coast are often some of the first people to learn of new oil pollution. We are often first to get photos and video out to the media, communities, and our government. This alliance allows for us to more rapidly respond to community concerns of current, ongoing, and future oil spills. It allows us to more easily track month by month, year by year just how much oil pollution it is out there. Thereby keeping the government and industry accountable.

CBS news recently released an investigative report that showed 6,500 oil leaks and spills happened around the country. Chronic oil spills and leaks in the Gulf of Mexico is a problem that we must solve. It shows that there are systemic deficiencies in the entire oil industry. These chronic spills are causing harm to ecosystem and to our communities. But this newly formed alliance will allow us to quickly gather more information on new oil spills. It will allow us to bring this information in the form of photographs and satllite images paired with Waterkeeper storytelling directly to you and our national and regional decision makers.

Save Our Gulf is a coalition of Gulf coast Waterkeepers brought together in the wake of the BP Oil Disaster to lead the fight to restore and protect local watersheds, coastal communities and the Gulf of Mexico.  We hold polluters and decision makers accountable and promote the sustainability of our communities. We are so excited to be part of this unique information gathering and distribution alliance alongside Skytruth and SouthWings.

Renee Blanchard, Save Our Gulf Coordinator

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