One Year After the Well Was Capped

On July 18 2010 it was announced that BP and the government were confident that the wellhead on the Macondo well had been capped three days earlier. This day was met with hesitant relief. One year later, the great urgency with which the media and industry and political leaders once spoke about ending the BP oil disaster is over, though the oil is not gone and our Gulf Coast has not been restored. The Save Our Gulf Waterkeepers have worked over the past year to bring attention back to the work that remains undone on the Gulf Coast in the wake of our nation’s largest environmental disaster. Through Save Our Gulf, we are committed to holding the industry accountable, holding our political decision makers accountable, helping to restore damage areas and preserve those places untouched by the BP oil disaster, and ensuring that no other community faces an oil disaster.

Many partner groups and community members have written about the capping of the well over the past week. Here is a small collection of those stories:

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Cherri Foytlin: Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days

John Amos: SkyTruth: BP Oil Spill Stopped One Year Ago Today, 5,000 More Spills Since Then

Rocky Kistner: NRDC: A Year After BP Caps Well, Fishermen Still Fight For Survival

Renee Blanchard, Save Our Gulf Coordinator

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