No drilling in eastern Gulf!!

HUGE win for Gulf of Mexico! Dept. of Interior announced today that they will not allow drilling in Federal Waters in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico for the next 7 years. (
Do not confuse this with Florida State Waters! The threat still exists that the Florida Legislature will open Florida Waters (3-10 miles offshore) to drilling rigs. Remember, the Florida House has already voted and approved opening Florida Waters, and it was only 2 weeks before Deepwater Horizon exploded that Florida Senator Cannon pulled his bill from the Senate floor.  Poll after poll shows that the majority of Florida Citizens do NOT want oil rigs in our State Waters, yet, the legislature was dangerously close to allowing it anyhow.
Somehow, even after everything Florida endured this summer, the upcoming Florida Legislature is much more drilling friendly than the last. We must shift the power to allow oil drilling in State Waters away from the Legislature to the Citizens of Florida!! The best way to do this is to amend our Constitution to reflect what Citizens want, NO drilling in Florida State Waters! That way, if the Legislature ever wants to allow drilling, they are going to have to ask the Citizens of Florida first.  
Citizen groups all over Florida are working on collecting petitions. If you are a Florida registered voter and want to make your voice heard you may download the petition here: (YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED FLORIDA VOTER TO SEND IN PETITION!) 

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