June 30, 2010

Thank you for your continued interest in volunteering with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Response. Although volunteers will not be deployed to conduct direct clean-up activities on oil-impacted shorelines or with oil-impacted wildlife, citizens do have a critical role to play in the response effort.

Alabama Coastal Foundation and Mobile Baykeeper, in conjunction with the Coalition of Active Stakeholders Team (COAST), continue to conduct Volunteer Field Observer trainings to utilize volunteers to assess Alabama’s shoreline for pre and post impact observations. Trained volunteers help identify protective measures and areas needing clean-up to provide valuable information to responders who may not be able to fully collect data across a wide geographic area. The information you will provide as a Volunteer Field Observer (VFOB) is not only valuable to the Deepwater Horizon spill response but to people in other regions who, when faced with a similar event, can learn from our successes and failures here on the Gulf Coast.

We have now trained close to 225 Volunteer Field Observers to monitor Alabama’s shoreline. We k now you join the COAST team in thanking these volunteers who are giving their time and energy to protecting our shoreline. Additional Volunteer Field Observer trainings will take place on Tuesday, June 29th from 3:00 - 4:30 pm, Thursday, July 1 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm and Wednesday, July 7 from 3:00 - 4:30 pm. All trainings will take place at 5 N Jackson street in Downtown Mobile. Please register by emailing saveourgulf@mobilebaykeeper.org to reserve a space.

At yesterday’s VFOB training there was a special visit from Philippe Cousteau, who is an incredible advocate for healthy oceans. His message to the VFOBS was one of admiration- admiration for what they are doing, for taking the protection of the Gulf into their hands and for working to be a part of the solution. We wish to convey this message to all of you who have volunteered your help due to this disaster, and we will continue to work for more volunteer opportunities for those of you committed to helping the Gulf Coast.

Thanks again for your willingness to assist in the response effort. We will keep you posted with more information as it becomes available.

Alabama Coastal Foundation
Mobile Baykeeper

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