Interesting News Article This Week

Interesting Media This Week

If you don't live in the Gulf Coast, it's easy to assume that the BP oil disaster really is over. The well was capped, the national media has mostly stopped reporting it, and BP is telling anyone that will listen that they have done their job of making us whole again. But the truth is this is an ongoing disaster with national significance. And we must keep vigilent about the restoration and recovery effort. Scientists are just starting to study the impacts and we won't know the true longer term impacts for years, even decades to come.

Here are just a few tidbits of media links about the aftermath of the BP oil disaster this week.

Fox Business: US To Regulate Offshore Drilling Contractors in 'Select Cases'

Houston Chronicle: Spill It: What Went Wrong with Last April's Deep-water Disaster?

Physorg: Scientists Analyize and Explain Chemical Make up of Gulf Oil Plume

Facing South: Senator Using Skewed Numbers on Oil Industry Safety Record

And if You Haven't Already Read These:

Huffington Post: Marc Yaggi, Executive Director of Waterkeeper Alliance: Spills Happen

Times Picayune: LSU, Tulane Granted Millions to Study Health Effects from Gulf Oil Spill

The Daily News: Researchers Get Grant to Study Seafood Safety

Washington Post: Governor Cuts Ties to Oil Spill Command Post After Exxon Blocks Public Access

Fuel Fix: Oil and Gas Companies Increase Revenues, Reserves in 2010

CBC News: Gulf Oil Drilling Review Just PR; Biologist

Courthouse News Service: Enviros Say Feds Caved in Shell's Flawed Plan for Deepwater Drilling

Politico: Opinion: The Real Costs of U.S. Energy

Houma Courier: BP Money Sought to Aid Coast

Sarcamento Bee: Company Agrees to Pay $75 Million to Settle Claims

The Lousiana Record: US Judge Barbier Dismisses Environmental Claims in BP Litigation

Bayou Buzz: Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig's Top Manager Won't Testify in Spill Lawsuits

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