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Last week Gulf Coast Waterkeepers released the collaboratively written report "State of the Gulf: A Status Report from Gulf Coast Waterkeepers in the Wake of the BP Oil Disaster". The report tells the story of the Gulf Coast recovery over the past year after our nation's largest environmental disaster. It includes oyster, shrimp, soil, and water samples and talks about the flawed FDA levels of concern for Gulf seafood. If you haven't already read it, please do.

Here are a few media hits that you might find interesting:

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This week Waterkeeper Alliance and several Gulf Coast Waterkeepers filed a notice of intent to sue for a chronic oil spill. If the government is serious about stopping oil spills, they can start will holding the owner and operator of this rig accountable today.

Times Picayune about the notice

Times Picayune on the statement from Samsung on the chronically leaking well

The Advocate on the oil leak fine ceiling not being enough of a financial penalty to prevent oil spills

Renee Blanchard, Save Our Gulf Coordinator

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