Do NOT flush or toss out unused medicines!

For years we were taught to dispose of unused medicines by flushing
them. Little did we know, this practice would have a devastating
impact on water quality nationwide, especially for those communities
who get their drinking water from surface waters (thankfully not an
issue for us here in NWFL!).

However, our area has been impacted by this historical practice as
wastewater treatment facilities are not set up to remove these
chemicals during treatment and our surface waters still receive an
unknown amount of them from treated wastewater. Also, those sent to
the landfill ultimately end up in leachate water which is sent to the
wastewater treatment facility; either way, ultimately these
substances end up in our rivers, bays and other coastal waterways.

Emerald Coastkeeper is teaming up with ECUA, Escambia County
Sheriff's Office and Walgreens to help educate folks about proper
disposal of unused medicines and to significantly reduce those which
enter our waterways. A kickoff event is scheduled for this Saturday,
April 30th at several locations throughout Escambia County. We are
also working on creating an ongoing program available year round; if
you would like to help please contact us.

The "Prescription Drug Round-Up" is a one-day effort to provide the
public a site to voluntarily surrender expired, unwanted, unused
pharmaceutically controlled substances, and other medications for
proper destruction.

The April 30 event will feature ten locations with deputies from the
Escambia County Sheriff's Office and officials from the Florida
Department of Environmental Protection providing information on the
environmental benefits and proper ways citizens should dispose of
prescription drugs.

Walgreens Locations:

20 West Nine Mile Rd
2237 West Nine Mile Rd
4497 Mobile Hwy
5995 Mobile Hwy
870 E Cervantes
6314 North 9th Ave

Precinct 1, Pensacola Beach
43 Fort Pickens Road
Pensacola Beach32561

Precinct 2, Big Lagoon
12950 Gulf Beach Highway
Pensacola, Florida 32507

Precinct 5, Cantonment
5844 North Hwy 29
Molino, Florida 32577

Precinct 6, Century
7995 North Century Blvd.
Century, Florida 32532

For more information concerning the event, contact us at (850)
429-822, or the Escambia County Sheriff's Office (850) 436-9277 or
ECUA (850) 476-0480.


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