To clean the beach or not....

Crews are finishing up the deep clean of 13 miles of beaches in Gulf Shores. There is already a reduction in force as they get ready to move the operation further west.

"There is still some work to be done," says city administrator Grant Brown, "but what we see so far from the deep cleaning operation we're very pleased it looks very thorough and from what we can tell we've hit our marks."

While the beaches look good, we wanted to check for ourselves. So we chose a mile and a half section of beach that had been cleaned weeks ago during the deep clean and is now being maintained and monitored by BP to find out how they did.

"I'm really not seeing tar balls in it so that's good." We asked Casi Callaway with Mobile Baykeeper to come along and walk the beach with us. "My overall impression is we're excited that they're doing it but if they think for a second that this is over, they're totally wrong."

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