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Tracy Kuhns
This article addresses issues we should all give serious thought to. Since state and federal fisheries managers across the Gulf Coast began the rush to reopen our waters to fishing, I have asked what the hurry is. I understand business people just need the oil to go away so we can all get back to work. I understand why people want their lives to go back to normal. It is stressful, exhausting, and a finacial nightmare for many other small business, fishermen and their families. But rushing forward too soon to open fishing could cost us all, dearly, in the future. I hope against hope that our natural resourses in the Gulf are as resilient as its people, but we do not have answers to so many extremely important questions. Questions about potential short and long term damage to Gulf fisheries species and estuary habitats. Questions about who will be here to support the recovery of our coastal communities if the fisheries collapses 3-20 years in the future when BP is long gone. The easy thing is to just make it go away in the eyes of the public. Pretend the oil is gone and everything is back to normal. If we do and we are wrong, our amazing estuary,seafood production, coastal community economies and most importantly, people, may not be so resilient. As hard as it may be for all concerned, we need answers to these questions before we allow the powers that be to make it go away.


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