Bacteria Advisory Warnings

Rocky Bayou State Park in Okaloosa county is no longer under an advisory warning! All conditions have returned to "good" status and it is open for public enjoyment! 

Liza Jackson Park, however, is still under an advisory warning. 

 Lincoln Park in Okaloosa is also now under an advisory warning, so please take caution if you are around that area as well.  

The Florida Healthy Beaches program is a water quality testing program run by Florida's Department of Health. The areas listed are tested every couple of weeks for the bacterias Enterococcus and Fecal Coliform. Both of these are enteric bacteria that normally inhabit the intestinal tract of humans and animals. If they are present in high concentrations in recreational waters and are ingested while swimming or enter the skin through a cut or sore, they may cause human disease, infections or rashes. 

When areas are under advisory warning please do not enter until the advisory has been lifted and the levels are clear.


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