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COREXIT Found in Family Pool In Florida

More unanswered questions.  When will someone from this administration step up to the plate and give us some straight answers?  When will the use of dispersants come to an end? 

Blood tests on Gulf residents show ethylbenzene, other hydrocarbons -- "Everyone is getting sick" OilFlorida

We need a Community Health Care Center in our communities so workers and residents can be monitored and treated over the next 20 years.

LSU Professor Emeritus Ed Overton says Oil can be whipped into an aerosol

Dr. Ed Overton says, "You have... weathered oil on the beaches. Storms can whip [oil] up as an aerosol and can spread it around."  Could this apply to oil'dispersant slicks on the water surface, burns, and oil blumes?

Could BP Oil/Dispersant Be Traveling Inland As Part of Rain?

Since the oil/dispersant disaster began in April, I often wondered why the rain seems dirty.  I've noticed a black film which is left behind on everything, in the yard, after it rains.  There is a black, oily, dusty substance in my air conditioning window unit, on the vents that blow cold air into the room and on the wall and table.  None of which was ever there before the oil/dispersant disaster.    In Venice, citizens had independant testing done of rain water and found oil/dispersant chemicals in the rain.  Se

Dr. Rea, CEO The American Environmental Health Foundation

A good resource for oil spill environmental health impacts information.



BP Blues from www.dirtycajuns.com

Love this! This is a great song.  Tells part of the BP Oil Spill cultural impact story.  Well worth your time to listen.

Fw: [wkamembers] Song for the Gulf

This is a link to a beautiful song written, for the fishing families of the Gulf, by our family and neighbors to the north.  Our heartfelt thanks for being another voice for our families and communities!

Ed Oberton, LSU speaks after Town Hall Meeting in Burus, LA

Has this guy read anything the federal agencies or independant scientists have posted?  Has he even looked at the MDSD sheets EPA has on Corexit?  It seems not!


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