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Barataria Boat Ride 3-20-2011

On Sunday March 20, 2011, after reports of oil washing up on the Louisiana coastline, Louisiana Bayoukeeper Tracy Kunhs and Mike Roberts went out to see for themselves what was happening in the Gulf of Mexico. Here are some photos of what they saw, mostly foam that looked similar to dispersant.

2-15-2011 H2O Testing (Mobile Bay)


2-15-11 H2o Testing (Mobile Bay)


Oil Spill Cleanup Producing Mixed Messages

Low-Tide - Low Oxygen? Has anyone seen anything like this before from low oxygen in September? Oil/dispersant showed up right before the fish kill, but no relationship? Whose doing the research? If we allow them to leave all this oil/dispersant behind on the waterbottoms, we could continue to have "low-tide - low oxygen fisheries kills" and cause even more damage.

09-11-2010 Hospital Bay Area Oiled Marsh Picture

Oil bubbled up in many areas of the Barataria Basin this past weekend.  

Congress Investigates Treatment of Michigan Oil Spill Victims | The Center for Public Integrity

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Congress Investigates Treatment of Michigan Oil Spill Victims

The Center for Public Integrity


Oiled Crabs in St Bernard Parish, Louisiana

Fishermen and others across the Gulf continue to report oil, dispersant spraying and oiled seafood to government agencies with little or no response.  This report is a must see.  Dispersed oil bubbled up off the bottom in nearshore and inland waters this past weekend across the Gulf Coast and inland waters.  Photos and video have been taken and distributed across the internet. Why does the Coast Guard, State and Federal Agency folks all continue to say the oil is gone  Lets go fishing!  Lets go swimming!  Lets go back to work!  Do t

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You Can Help Raise Funds for Water Quality Sampling!

Louisiana Bayaoukeeper and Save Our Gulf could use your help raising funds for independant water sampling across the Gulf of Mexico Coastal waters.  Help us find out what is or isn't in our Gulf and inland waters.  Follow the link, get and wear a SAVE OUR GULF teeshirt.  Thank you for your support. 


COREXIT Found in Family Pool In Florida

More unanswered questions.  When will someone from this administration step up to the plate and give us some straight answers?  When will the use of dispersants come to an end? 

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