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Restore Coastal Alabama

Written by Tammy Herrington, Deputy Director, Mobile Baykeeper

The Oil is Still Here.

This blog was written by Paul Orr the Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper.

Thursday's Gumbo

This past weekend was Mardi Gras here in New Orleans. Though I enjoyed this holiday as a child, especially the week off of school, this year the celebration came with something new. Do I enjoy my favorite oyster poboy or put shrimp in the gumbo for my family? And among the many costumes (people dress up each day in new costumes to celebrate the holiday) seen around town for the past 5 days were protests against BP. Adults and children alike dressed as BP clean up workers and oily pelicans were common sights on the parade routes.

Wednesday's Save Our Gulf Gumbo

Yesterday I arrived in Galveston, Texas to visit the Galveston Baykeeper, Charlotte Wells. As I write this post, I’m sitting in her front living room looking out on to the Galveston Bay. A sight that is breathtaking for a couple reasons; the bright clear sunshine, the choppy waters of the Bay, the many birds that call it home and the concentration of dirty energy facilities with their the smog that nestles itself just above countless smokestacks. I wish I were poet so that could write something powerful about this sight before me.

Time to Walk Out of the Fog

The following post is in from Charlotte Wells. Charlotte lives in Shoreacres, TX and is the Galveston Baykeeper.

Save Our Gulf

My name is Renee Blanchard and I am the new Save Our Gulf coordinator. I am originally from Lafayette, LA, but moved at a young age to south Florida and when I was old enough I started traveling the globe working on social and environmental justice issues. Over the past ten years, these travels took me to places like the refugee camps of northern Thailand, Washington DC, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Returning to the gulf in the wake of an unprecedented oil disaster was never the plan or even the plan just three months ago, but it's where I found myself January 23.

Huffington Post Blog: 'BP: Making It Right (for BP)'

by Scott Edwards, Director of Advocacy, Waterkeeper Alliance
(originally posted on Feb. 8, 2011 by The Huffington Post - http://tinyurl.com/4kb9gj9)

GCCF Draft Methodology and Eligibility Criteria Public Comment Period

Kenneth R. Feinberg, Administrator of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (“GCCF”), announced that beginning February 2, 2011, the proposed methodology for determining eligibility and calculating Final and Interim Payments will be available for a public comment period for two weeks.

HuffPost: Corexit An Acceptable Tradeoff?


Huffington Post commentator Jerry Cope questions the acceptability of spraying the oil dispersant Corexit—a known carcinogen—in response to BP's Macondo oil disaster in April 2010.

L.A. Times: Dispersants Endured


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