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Thursday's Gumbo

This week three members of our Save Our Gulf team traveled to Washington DC. Women of the Storm organized 140 women from the five Gulf coast states to lobby their Congressional Representatives to ensure that 80% of the Clean Water Act penalties return to the region.

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force…Alabamanians Needed!

The BP Oil Disaster has Gulf Coast communities in a turmoil of issues, questions, worries and concerns not to mention the very real economic challenges, business losses and health concerns – both human and environmental.  All of these issues and concerns are incredibly important, and we are collectively working to ensure that each of the major issues is addressed immediately.

Wilma Subra and John Wathen: Two Gulf Coast Award Winners

It’s not everyday one of your colleagues gets an award, not to mention two. This month both Wilma Subra, Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper Technical Advisor, and John Wathen, Hurricane Creekkeeper, received their own unique recognition for their distinctive hard work and dedication to the protection and restoration of the Gulf coast. They are both truly Gulf coast heroes.

Ms. Wilma Subra: 2011 Human Rights Award Domestic Honoree

Thursday's Gumbo

This past week has been all about the oysters for me. After a great meeting with people from all over the region working on restoration and recovery for the Gulf coast, I traveled to Pensacola Bay to visit Chasidy Hobbs the Emerald Coastkeeper. Having spent most of my life on the east side of South Florida with rocky beaches, it was wonderful to be surrounded by such beautiful beaches.

What Can 23,000 Oysters do?

This blog was written by Casi Callaway, Mobile Baykeeper, and Bethany Kraft, Executive Director of Alabama Coastal Foundation.

New Oil Spill in the Gulf?

Over the past few weeks, there were numerous reports of dead dolphins across the Gulf, including a report of 5 dead dolphins near Rattlesnake Bayou on the east side of Barataria Bay, LA.  As part of our basin patrol program, we planned a fly over of the Barataria Basin, with Bonnie Schumaker, to look for dead/stranded dolphins and other wildlife.  After receiving reports Saturday, March 19, 2011, of oil and strong petroleum odors 23 miles south of Grand Isle, we decided to fly over the Gulf.

Our Wetlands Connect

This blog is from Charlotte Wells at the Galveston Baykeeper.

Protecting the Mississippi

This blog is from Paul at the Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper in Baton Rouge, LA

Thursday's Gumbo: This Week's Gulf Coast Waterkeeper Wrap Up

With the one-year memorial of the BP oil disaster quickly approaching, communities along the Gulf coast are fighting hard to make sure the Clean Water Act fines that will be enacted against BP come home to restore the Gulf coast and our communities. These fines will be determined by the amount of oil that was spilled into the Gulf of Mexico and our communities. As this number is being finalized, it is extremely important these fines are returned to the Gulf coast in the form of fair, equitable, and appropriate restoration projects.

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