The Field Observation Process

Your field observations are critical in the protection and restoration of our natural resources. The Field Observation Tool lets you tell your story about what you’re seeing and how this disaster is impacting you, your family and your community. Your observations, photos and videos will provide a constant stream of on-the-ground and on-the-water impacts to decision-makers and the public, and help us inform the Natural Resources Damage Assessment process for restoration.

All you need to do is download the Save Our Gulf Field Observation Form and take it with you when you visit your local wetland, marsh, bayou, delta, bay, beach, creek, stream or river. Use the form and a digital camera to document what you see. You can submit your observations, photos and video online or submit your completed observation form to your local Waterkeeper.

You may edit your online submission until you check off the "verified" box at the bottom of the form. By checking off on the "verified" box, you confirm that the conditions you have reported are accurate at the time that you made your observations. If you have any questions about this reporting process, please contact us.

Thank you for your time and commitment to saving our gulf.

Do not expose yourself to oil or its vapors and fumes – crude oil is toxic and exposure can result in serious health impacts. Please do not break trespassing or other laws and do not enter any closed areas or “hot spots” unless you are properly trained and outfitted with protective gear. If you are asked to leave a dangerous area, do so immediately. Do not approach or handle oiled or sick wildlife.

To report oiled shoreline please call 1.866.448.5816.

To report oiled wildlife, please call 1.866.557.1401.

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