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The latest media on the following important issues facing Gulf Coast recovery in the wake of the BP oil disaster.

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Oil Pollution

Save Our Gulf Waterkeepers

Gulf Coast Restoration


New York Times: Oil Spill Affected Gulf Fish's Cell Function, Study Finds

Business Insurance: BP Disaster Caused by Series of Risk Management Failures

Al Jazeera: Sick Gulf Residents Continue to Blame BP


WXV-TV: Dispersant Ban Bill Fails in the LA Senate

UAB News: Watts Studying Fish Response to Chemical Dispersant

Bayou Buzz: Oil Spill Clean Up Relies on Decades Old Technology

Oil Pollution


New York Times: A Debate Arise on Job Creation and Environment

New York Times: Agency Struggles to Safeguard Pipeline System

Huffington Post: Marc Yaggi, ED of Waterkeeper Alliance: Spills Happen

Save Our Gulf Waterkeepers

Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert Kennedy Jr: An Assault on Clean Water and Democracy

Emerald Coastkeeper: Clean Water Act Under Attack

Waterkeeper Alliance: Put A Stop to HR 2018 and the Attack on Clean Water

Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper: Monitoring Another Gulf Oil Spill, Brenton Sound

Mobile Baykeeper: Communities Across the Gulf Calling for Restoration

Gulf Coast Restoration

Summit Community Voice: Pelicans Rescued from Gulf Oil Spill Nesting in Georgia

Daily Press: VIMS Scientist to Lead First Surveys of Deep Sea Fish Life

Pensacola News Journal: Council, Eager to Hook Hatchery, Eyes Leases

Daily Comet: Shrimpers Say They Didn't Kill Turtles

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Gulf Spill Science Suffers: Alaska Review Should Have Clarified Needs

Sun Herald: Al Jones: Red Snapper's Lesions A Troubling Occurance


Media Archives BP Adopts New Rules for Gulf of Mexico

Jackson Clarion Ledger: Opinion: BP: Too Many on Gulf Coast Still Suffering

Houston Chronicle: Spill It: What Went Wrong Before Last's April Deep-water Disaster?

Forbes: BP Holds Gulf Spill Assessment 'Financially Captive'

May 4

WCTV: "Tar Balls Washing Up Along Franklin Co. Coastline" by Staff.

Daily Journal: "Portion of Grand Isle State Park Beach Reopened" by AP Staff.

Wall Street Journal: "Transocean 1Q Profit Falls 54%" by Staff.

Vanity Fair: "One Year After Deepwater Horizon, Portraits of the Gulf Coast" by Jackson Fager.

Fox News 8: "Oil Companies Show off New and Improved 'Cap"" by John Snell.

May 3

Miami Herald: " Judge Postpones Trial Over Drilling Moratorium" by AP Staff.

New York Times: "BP is Fined $25 Million to '06 Pipeline Spills" by John R. Border.

The News Tribune: "Criminal Investigation Sought on '06 BP Oil Spill" by Renee Schoof.

Pensacola News Journal: "BP Claims Office Closing" by Louis Cooper.

May 2

Nashua Telegraph: "Oil Time Bomb Ticking in Gulf" by Staff.

Triple Pundit: "BP Oil Spill: How to Make an Environmental Disaster Disappear" by Joseph Herr

Oil and Gas Journal: "Court Deadline Prompts Flurry of Macondo Claims, Counterclaims" by Paula Dittrick.

Oil and Gas Journal: "Three Macondo Legacies" by Staff.

May 1

Houma Today: "Gulf Ecosystem Needs Congress" by Christopher Pulaski.

New York Times: "In Bid to Drill in Alaska, Shell's Biggest Foe is Gulf Spill" by Clifford Kraus.

April 30

New York Times: "BP Accident Lives on in Ads" by Stuart Elliott.

Pensacola News Journal: "Chamber Backs Oil- Spill Recovery Plan" by Mark O'brien.

Standard Times: "

UAB Kaleidoscope: "

The BP Oil Spill: One Year Later" by Michelle Chang.

New York Times: "The Oil's Story, From Wellhead to Beach" by Paul Voosen.

Pensacola News Times: "Oiled Counties Get $10M" by Jim Ash.

Orange Beach News: "All Gulf Waters Finally Open to Fishing" by David Rainer.

Houston Chronicle: "OTC's Likely Messages: Safety, Cautious Optimism" by Brett Clanton.

April 28

Houma Today: "A Year Later, What's Changed for Oil and Gas?" by Katherine Schmidt.

Clinton News: "Students Developed Dispersant for Oil Spills" by Staff.

Canadian Press: "Offshore Oil Spill Readiness Report Calls for Blowout Plans, Independent Audits"

Offshore: "Cleaning Technique Makes Platform Safer" by Staff.

Courthouse News Service: "Oystermen File Class Action Against BP" by Sabrina Canfield.

April 27

Times Picayune: "Donald Trump Offered to Take Over BP Oil Spill Operation, Newspaper Report" by Bruce Alpert.

Between the Lines: "Darryl Malek- Wiley: The Gulf Oil Spill Disaster One Year later" by Melinda Tuhus.

Fast Company: "What If Apple Managed BP's Claim Center?" by Terry Tamminen.

Oil & Gas Journal: " Macondo Will Someday be Produced, BP Executive Says" by Curtis Williams.

April 26

The Guardian: " BP Oil Spill: 30,000 Pages of FOI Documents Need Searching" by Damian Carriington.

Houston Chronicle: " Eggs of Endangered Sea Turtle Found in Galveston" by Harvey Rice.

Institute for Southern Studies : " VOICES: Environmental Justice Communities Bear Brunt of BP's Oil Spill Waste Disposal" by Dr. Robert Bullard.

Reuters: "Carnival Sues BP, Others for Oil Spill Damages" by Staff.

April 25

Business Standard: "How Harmful Was the BP Spill, Really?" by Gregg Easterbrook.

Wall Street Journal: " Gauging Gulf Tourism by the Interstate Mullet Toss" by Dionne Searcey.

The Examiner: "BP Oil Spill Anniversary: Florida Still Worries About Environmental Impact" by KC Kelly.

Courthouse News Service: "Oil Spill Panel Ducks Out Early, Under Fire" by Sabrina Canfield.

Press Register: "Oil Spills' Economic Impact? Nobody Knows Yet" by Jeff Amy.

FIS: "Louisiana Shrimp Task Force Drives Premium Quality Vision" by Staff.

New York Times: "Appeals Court to Hear Arguments on Pace of Offshore Drilling Permits By Lawrence Hurley.

Technorati: " BP Oil Spill in Numbers" by Don Martelli.

Reuters: "US May Expand Oversight of Rig Contractors" by Ayesha Rascoe.

April 24

The National: "Was Deepwater Oil Spill a Drop in the Ocean? by Robert Matthews.

Times Picayune: "Damage Costs from the BP Oil Spill Continuing to Flow" by Bob Marshall.

ABC News: "Ala. Fishing Captain Back on the Water, Optimistic" by Jay Reeves.

7theSpace: "Researcher Studies South Louisiana's Historical Ties to the Oil Industry" by Ashley K. Berthelot.

The Epoch Times: " Coast Guard Blames Lax Safety for Deepwater Deaths" By Mary Silver.

April 23

Daily Comet: "Bill Would Require Vessels on Standby" by Kathrine Schmidt.

Daily Comet: "A Year Later, What's Changed for Oil and Gas?" by Kathrine Schmidt.

April 22

Times Picayune: "Regional Tourists More Open to Visiting Louisiana Despite Spill" By Ed Anderson.

New York Times: " Coast Guard Cities Many Lapses in Sinking of Deepwater Rig" by John Broder.

Huffington Post: " Rep. Rush Holt: Oil Spill Amensia Endangers Our Nation's Coastlines" by Rep. Rush Holt.

BBC: "One Planet: The Deepwater Disaster in Numbers" by Staff.

April 21

PBS NewsHouse: " Trechnology Failures, Perils of Deepwater Drilling Among Gulf Oil Spill's Lessons" by NewsHour Staff.

Tampa Bay Times: " A Year After BP Oil Spill, Apalachicola Oysterman Keeps Business Going" by Jeff Klinkenberg.

WWLTV: "Actor Kevin Costner Says His Plan Could Have Stopped Oil From Reaching Shore" by Eric Paulsen.

Scientific American: "Gulf Seafood Officially Safe, But Questions and Oil Linger" By David Biello.

Times Picayune: "Oil Spill Claims Czar Kenneth Feinberg Gets a Rare Shout-Out at New Orleans Meeting" by David Hammer.

Palm Beach Post News: "Florida to Get at Least $100 million of $1billion BP promises Gulf states for Environment" by Dara Kam.

April 21

Courthouse News Service (4/21): " Gulf Fishermen Honor the Dead, Blas Feinberg on 1st Anniversary" by Sabrina Canfield.

Wall Street Journal (4/21): "BP Sues Transocean and Cameron International, Maker of Blowout Preventer" by Russell Gold and Angel Gonzalez.

Guardian (4/21): "Eyewitness: BP Oil Spill, One Year On" by Guardian Photographers.

April 20

National Geographic (4/20):" Why Did Huge Oil Plumes Form After the Gulf Spill?" by Richard A. Lovett.

NPR (4/10): "Weekly Standard: Mucky Lessons of the BP Oil Spill" by Andrew B. Wilson.

CNN (4/10): " Community Organizer Stephen Bradberry: Making Things Right After the BP Oil Spill - in the Arena" by Jay Kernis.

Los Angels Times (4/20): Op-Ed "Louisiana Oil Spill: One Year After the BP Spill, Louisiana Hears Easter - Season Message" by Danny Heitman.

CBS News (4/20): "Gulf Oil Rig's Survivors Struggle One Year Later" by Mark Strassmann.

Times Picayune (4/20): "Flurry of Legal Claims Files on One Year Aniversary of Gulf Oil Spill" by Rebecca Mowbray.

NPR (4/20): "Many Gulf Residents Still Waiting on BP Fund Relief" by Talk of the Nation staff.

WCSH 6 (4/20): "Environmentalists Push for Offshore Wind Power on BP Spill Anniversary" by Rob Wilber.

NPR (4/20): "Gulf Residents, Businesses Entangles in Bitter Legal Battle" by Tell Me More staff.

The Red and Black (4/20): "Students Protest Oil Spill; Groups Remember Year Old BP Incident" by A.J. Archer.

USA Today (4/20): "Vigils Mark Year After BP Spill" by Rick Jervis.

WLOX 13 (4/20): "Are Stall Tactics Delaying BP Payments?" by AJ Giardina.

KRGC 5 (4/20): "Valley Shrimpers Still Struggling One Year After BP Oil Spill" by Christina Rendon.

April 19

Grist (4/19): "10 Reason to Still be Pissed Off About the BP Disaster" by Kate Sheppard. 

Wall Street Journal (4/19): "Halliburton Emerges Unscathed From Gulf Disaster" by Ben Casselman.

ABC News (4/19): "BP Oil Spill 1 Year Later: Water Safe?" by Sam Champion.

Forbes (4/19): "Last of Gulf Closed by Spill Reopens to Fishing" by AP Staff.

Los Angles Times (4/19): "BP Oil Spill Fund Administrator Defends His Work" by Richard Fausset.

April 18

Wall Street Journal (4/18): "One Year After Spill, Some Signs of Life Emerge in the Gulf" by Leslie Eaton.

New York Times (4/18): "Year After Deepwater Horizon Spill, A Perfect Day for Redfish" by Chris Santella.

USA Today (4/18): "Measuring Full Damage from BP Oil Spill is Still Hard" by Dan Vergano.

Biloxi Sun Herald (4/18): "Gulf Residents Leery of What's Next After BP Oil Spill" by Karen Nelson.

The News Herald (4/18): "Dealing with the Present, Worrying About the Future" by Daniel Carson.

Nightly Business Report (4/18): "Business, Tourism Struggle to Recover one Year After Gulf Spill".

April 17

St. Petersburg Times (4/17): "Too Soon To Rush Back to Deepwater Drilling" by Editorial Staff.

News Herald (4/17): "BP Oil Spill Claims Vary Widely in Amount, Recipient" by Felicia Kitzmiller.

Navy Times (4/17): "Report: Coast Guard Unprepared for Oil Spill" by David Larter.

ABC News (4/17): "Nearly 50 Surfers From Surfriders Honor BP Oil Spill Anniversary" by Kimberly Kuizon.

April 16

NPR (4/16): "A Year Later, BP Oil Spill Marks The Gulf" by Staff.

Herald Tribune (4/16): "Experts Racing to Assess How Much BP Will Have to Pay to Restore Gulf" by Kate Spinner.

Houma Today (4/16): "Is U.S. Oil Oversight Agency Fixed?" by Clifford Krauss and John M. Broder.

Miami Herald (4/16): "A Year After the BP Spill, Drilling Discussion on the Rise" by Curtis Morgan and Lesley Clark.

Reuters (4/16): "Federal Practices Hamper Study of Gulf Dolphin Deaths" by Leigh Coleman.

The Town Talk (4/16): "'He's Not Coming Home': Families of Gulf Oil Rig Disaster Victims Still Grieving" by Greg Hillburn.

Examiner (4/16): "Coast Guard Awards Boat Crew for Rescuing 115 After BP Oil Spill" by Laurie Wiegler.

April 15

New York Times (4/15): "A Year After BP's Oil Spill, Congress Sits Idly By" by Katie Howell.

Financial Times (4/15): "After the Oil" by Ed Crooks.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek (4/15): "Oyster Leaders Meet To Dsicuss BP Spill" by Kevin McGill.

Times Picayune (4/15): " Deepwater Horizon Rescuers Recall Harrowing Night on Gulf of Mexico" by Paul Purpura.

Pensacola News Journal (4/15): "City of Pensacola Assembles 'Dream Team' Attorneys for BP Lawsuit" by Kris Wernowsky.

April 14

The Washington Post (4/14): "'Spillionaires'Are the New Rich After BP Oil Spill Payouts" by Kim Barker.

Fox 6 AL (4/14): "Tar Balls Still Washing Up on AL Beaches" by Staff.

Yahoo! Canada Finance (4/14): "Gulf Coast Fishermen and Residents Denied Entry to BP Shareholder Meeting in London" by PRnewswire.

BBC News (4/13): BP Annual Meeting Sparks Angry Protests" by Rob Young.

Guardian (4/14): "Protesters Target BP Annual Meeting" by Tim Webb and Karen Mcveigh.

April 13

Guardian (4/13): "Has BP Really Cleaned Up the Gulf Oil?" by Suzanne Goldenberg.

Pro Publica (4/13):" Gulf's Delacroix Islanders Watch As Their World Disappears" by Kim Barker.

USAToday (4/13): "Oil Spill Victim Feels Forgtten" by Rick Jervis.

CNBC (4/13): "Socially Responsible Investor Coalition to BP: Your Annual Report is Incomplete" by Lori Ann LaRocco.

Times Picayune (4/13): "Oil From BP Spill Remains Threat to Birds, Audubon Society Officials Say" by Mark Schleifstein.

April 12

E2 Wire (4/12): "Salazard: GOP Drilling Bills Show 'Amnesia' About BP Disaster" by Ben Geman.

CBS News (4/12): "Oil & Gas Industry Spills Happen 'All the Time'" by Armen Keteylan.

Politico (4/12): "BP Oil Spill: Where Are They Now?" by Patrick Reis. (4/12): "US Interior Secretary: 'Not Done' Responding to Deepwater Horizon" by Staff.

World Radio Switzerland (4/12): "Transocean Claims Underwater Drilling Record" by Staff.

Bloomberg (4/12): "Feinberg Says Judge Should Stay Out of BP Oil Spill Claims Fund" by Laurel Brubaker Calkins and Margaret Cronin Fisk.

April 11

Associated Press (4/11): "BP Money Buys Gulf Coast Officials Millions in Gear" by MELINDA DESLATTE, MICHAEL KUNZELMAN and MIKE SCHNEIDER

CNN (4/11): "Florida Tourism Gets a $30 Million Boost From BP" by Staff.

Walton Sun (4/11): "BP Cleaning Up Tar on South Walton Beaches; doesn't think it's related to Deepwater Horizon spill" by Staff.

Pensacola News Journal (4/11): "Report: Spill Overwhelmed Coast Guard" by Travis Griggs.

Newser (4/11): "Gulf Oil Spill: Localities Went Shopping on BP's Dime" by Polly Davis Doig.

April 10

Times Picayune (4/10): "Longtime Oil Industry Champion Now Calls BP Liars, Almost a Year After Oil Spill" by Bob Marshall.

Telegraph (4/10): " BP Chief Bob Dudley Faces A Grilling at this Week's Shareholder Meeting" by Rowena Mason.

The Citizen (4/10): "BP Buys Part of Mississippi Gulf Barrier" by Staff.

CBS 42 Birmingham, AL (4/10): "Gulf Wild' Campaign Reassures Safe Seafood" by Staff.

April 9

Dow Jones Newswires (4/9): " Wording in Clean Water Act Could Trim BP's Fines by Billions" by Ryan Dezember.

April 8

Daily Comet (4/8): "Oil Cleanup Worker's, Residents Chemical Levels High, Study Says" by Staff.

Aol News (4/8): "Oil From BP Spill Found on Dead Dolphins in Gulf of Mexico" by Mara Gay.

Times Picayune (4/8):" 10th Deepwater Drilling Permit Issues for Well off Louisiana Coast" by Mark Schleifstein.

Times Picayune (4/8): "Blowout Preventer Manufacturer Questions Deepwater Forizon Forensic Report" by David Hammer.

Daily Comet (4/8):" Congressional Hearing on Spill Coming to Houma" by Kathrine Schmidt.

BusinessWeek (4/8): "8 Months After Spill, Oil Found on Dead Dolphin" by Janet McConnaughey.

Associated Press (4/8): "Fed Board Questions Gulf Fail Safe Device's Design" by Harry R. Weber.

Wall Street Journal (4/8): "Coast Guard Unprepared for Oil Spill Response" by Russell Gold.

April 7

Reuters (4/7): " U.S Issues 9th Deepwater Drill Permit Since BP Spill" by Staff.

USAToday (4/7): "Small Oil Drillers Say New Rules Threaten Wildcatters' Survival" by Rick Jervis.

UPI(4/7): "House Looks at Deep-Water Oil Containment" by Courtney Subrama.

April 6

Times Picayune (4/6): "BP: Government Doesn't Have the Right to File Multiple Lawsuits Under Different Laws" by Rebecca Mowbray.

Houston Chronicle (4/6): "New Blowout Preventer Rules Could Be on the Way" by Jennifer Dlouhy.

Times Picayune (4/6): "Raising Oil Spill Liability Limits is Hot Topic at House Hearing" by Jonathan Tilove.

April 5

Houston Chronicle (4/5): " BP Asks That Fine Not Be Based on Total of Gulf Spill" by Tom Fowler.

Reuters (4/5): "Transocean Execs Giving Safety Bonuses to Memorial Fund" by Staff.

AFP (4/5): "US to Share BP Oil Spill Lessons at International Forum" by staff.

April 4

Times Picayune (4/5): "Join Investigation into Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Spill Reconvenes in Metairie" by David Hammer.

April 3

Times Picayune (4/3): "Blowout Preventer May Have Never Had A Chance Against Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill" by David Hammer.

Radio New Zealand (4/2): "Transocean Gives Bonuses After Mexico BP Oil Spill" by Staff.

New York Times (4/3): "On Our Radar: Salazar Slams Transocean Over Bonuses" byJohn Collins Rudolf.

April 2

Press Register (4/2): "BP Ends Deep-cleaning Operation; Mayor Relieved, Activist Skeptical" by Dan Murtaugh.


USA Today (4/1): "Scientist Grapple with BP Oil Spill's Cost to Bird Life" by Rick Jervis.

Times Picayune (4/1): "Lawyers for Transocean Employees Complain of Pressure to Testify" by Jonathan Tilove.

March 31

Times Picayune (3/31): "Process of Combining Allegations Against BP in the Wake of Last Year's Oil Spill Begins with Court Filings" by Mark Schleifstein.

eWeek (3/31): "BP Oil Spill Claimants' Personal Data Disappears with Lost Laptop" by Fahmina Y. Rashid.

AOL (3/30): " Will BP Execs Face Criminal Charges in Gulf Oil Spill? Not Likely, Experts Say" by Laura Parker.

Business Week (3/31): " After Macondo: Why BP is Still Pumping Strong" by Joe Carroll, Jim Synder, Stanley Reed, Brian Swint, and Mike Lee.

Times Picayune (3/31): " Process of Combining Allegations Against BP in the Wake of Last Year's Oil Spill Begins with Courth Filings" by Mark Schleifstein.

KLFY10 (3/31): " BP Claimants Unhappy" by Staff.

Houston Chronicle (3/31): "3 Transocean Workers Bucking Orders to Testify" by Jennifer Dlouhy.

March 30

Mother Jones (2/29): "BP Still Doesn't Want You to See Its Tarballs" by Mac McClelland.

MSN (2/29): "Gulf Sea Turtle Deaths Up, Joining Dolphin Trend" by Staff.

Platts News (2/30): "US BOEM Considers Extending Soon-to-Expire Oil, Gas leases" by Staff. (2/30): "BP Oil Spill Claimants' Personal Data Disappears With Lost Laptop" by Fahmida Y. Rashid.

Aol News (2/30): "Will BP Execs Face Criminal Charges in Gulf Oil Spill? Not Likely, Experts Say" by Staff.

March 29

Times Picayune (2/29): "Women of the Storm Urge COngress to Devote BP Penalties to Coastal Restoration" by Jonathon Tilove.

Sun Herald (2/29): "Women of the Storm ask for BP Fine Money" by Maria Recio.

Clarion Ledger (2/29): "Group: Channel BP Fines to Coast" by Deborah Barfield Berry.|newswell|text|Home|s

March 28

Financial Times (2/28): "Ignore Risk Management at Your Peril" by Patrick Gougeon.

AP (2/28): "Judge: Lawyers Suing BP Can See Engineer's Emails" by Staff.

Times Picayune (2/28): "Q&A on Filing Gulf Oil Spill Claims" by Staff.

Environmental Leader (2/28): "BP Report Won't Name Spill Figures" by Staff.

Courthouse News Service (2/28): "Liability Issues Abound in Oil Spill Cases" by Sabrina Canfield.

WDSU (2/28): "Vitter Blasts Feinberg Over BP Claims Delays" by Staff.

Fox 10TV (2/28): "Seafood Co-op Opens In Bayou La Batre" by Marcus Powe.

March 27

WKRG (2/27): "Secretary of the Navy Wants Oil Fine Money Back on Coast" by Chad Petri.

Mississippi Press (2/27): "Mississippi Attorney General Still Seeks Transparency in Oil Spill Claims" by Editorial Board.

March 26

Houma Today (2/26): "Opinion: No Easy Answers for Crabbers" by Staff.

March 25

Fast Company (2/25): "BP Greenwashes Post-Deepwater Horizon CSR Report" by Ariel Schwartz.

ABA Journal (2/25): "DOJ Quietly Overhauls BP Oil Spill Probe" by Molly McDonough.

Star Tribune (2/25): "Burning Question Remains" by Stephen Lyons.

Bloomber Businessweek (2/25): "BP Seeks More Tests on Rig's Failed Safety Device" by Staff.

March 24

AP (2/24): "AFP: Stuck Pipe Behind BP Oil Spill: Study" by Staff.

AP (2/24): "Feds Approve New Chevron Drilling Permit" by Staff.

CNN (2/24): "What Exxon Valdez Spill Can Still Teach Us" by Marilyn Heiman.

March 23

Christian Science Monitor (2/23): "Gulf Oil Spill" Failure of Blowout Preventer Traced to Bent Drill Pipe" by Mark Clayton.

Talk Radio News Service (2/23): "Fourth Deepwater Permit Awarded, Regulator Says More to Come" by Staff.

Wall Street Journal (2/23): "Coast Guard Suspects Anglo-Suisse Well in Louisiana Spill" by Ryan Dezember.

Houma Today (2/23): "BP Officials say Gulf Recovery Efforts Continue" by Nikki Buskey.

Facing South (2/23): "Gulf Environmental Health Advocate Wins Human Rights Award" by Sue Sturgis.

Offshore (2/23): "ExxonMobil Gets Gulf of Mexico Permit from BOEMRE" by Staff.

Reuters (2/23): "US Government Report Examines Blowout Preventer in BP Spill" by Staff.

Alabama Press Register (2/23): "Ken Fineberg Defends Oil Spill Claims Operation Against Alabama Attorney General's Attacks" by Dan Murtaugh.

March 22

Times Picayune (2/22): " Shallow Gulf Well is Source of Mysterious Oil Sheen Near Grand Isle, State Officials Says" by David Hammer.

Times Picayune (2/22): "Houston Company Accepts Responsibility for Oil Spill off Louisiana" by David Hammer.

WGNO ABC26 (2/22): "Drilling to Resume in Gulf Following BP Oil Spill" by Staff.

Alabama Register (2/22): "Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange Sharply Criticizes BP Claims Czar Ken Fineberg" by Katherine Sayre.

WWL - AM870 (2/22): "Louisiana Doctor Suspects Patients' Ill Health Caused by Spill" By Chris Miller. (2/22): "Lack of Funds and Transparency Still Stymie BP Oil Spill Research" by Marah Hardt.

Wall Street Journal (2/22): "Oil Washing Up on Shores Came From Gulf" by Ryan Dezember and Jeffrey Ball.

ROFFS Ocean Forecasting (2/22): "ROFFS: Ocean Circulation Suggests that New Oil Found on Grand Isle is Not From the Deepwater Horizon" by Staff.

March 21

New York Times (2/21): "Revisiting the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill" by Claudia Dreifus.

WWLTV Eyewitness News (2/21): "Grand Isle Again Battles Oil Near Shores" by Katie Moore.

Platts News (2/21): "US Approves Shell Gulf of Mexico Exploration Plan; First Since Macondo Ban" by Gary Gentile.

March 20

New American Media (2/20): "One Year Later: The Health Effects of the BP Oil Spill" by Erin Marcus.

Herald Times (2/20): "Florida Counties Still Scramble for BP Oil Spill Funds" by Chris Gerbasi.

Pensacola News Journal (2/20): "Oyster Testing Can Reflect Oil Spill Impact on Pensacola Bay" by Kimberly Blair.|head

March 19

Houston Chronicle (2/19): "Latest Deep-water Permit Goes to Houston's ATP" by Jennifer Dlouhy.

March 18

Sacramento Bee (2/18): "BP Says It has Processed - Not Paid - 54% of Oil Spill Claims" by Karen Nelson.

Reuters (2/17): "US Oks 3rd Deepwater Drilling Permit Since BP Spill" by Tom Dogget and Ayesha Rascoe.

Yahoo! News (2/18): "More Dead Dolphins on Shores Put Ala. Tourism at Risk" by Pamela Gifford.

March 17

Houston Chronicle (2/16): "Oil and Gas Industry Creates Offshore Safety Institute" by Tom Fowler and Jennifer Dhouhy.

March 16 (2/16): "Montgomery Restaurants Seeking Damages Citing BP Oil Spill Financial Losses" by Ben Flanagan.

Times Picayune (2/16): "Sen. Boxer Promises Quick Action to Give Gulf States Bulk of BP Fines" by Bruce Alpert.

Platts (2/16): "Representative Hastings to Introduce Bill to Expand US Offshore Exploration" by Staff.

The Scientist (2/16): "Opinion: Gulf Science Sputters" by Linda Hooper-Bui.

Times Picayune (2/16): "Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response Should be Focused, Engineering Professor Says" by David Hammer.

March 15

Platts (2/15): "BP Seeks Access To Deepwater Horizon Blowout Preventer to Run Tests" by Gary Gentile.

The Energy Collective (2/15): "Gulf Mom Threatened by Oil Disaster Walks the Walk to DC" by Rocky Kistener.

Times Picayune (2/15): "Court Says Government Doesn't Have to Act On Drilling Permits While Appealing Judge's Order" by Rebecca Mowbray.

Times Picayune (2/15): "In Week of Congressional Hearings, Offshore Marine Service Association Finds Whimsical Way to Score "Obamatorium" by Jonathon Tilove.

March 14

American Public Media (2/14): "Toiling Over the Raparations from the BP Oil Spill" by Jeremy Hobson.

Gulf Coast Maritime (2/14): " Houston Maritime Attorney's Call for Better Offshore Worker Protection as Deep-Water Drilling Resumes" by Staff.

WLOX TV (2/14): "Lousiana Mom Walking for Gulf Recovery" by Al Showers.

The Destin Log (2/14): "BP Needs to Put Up or Shut Up" Letter to the Editor by John Burns.

Reuters (2/14): "US Trade Panel Renews Shrimp Import Duties for 5 Years" by Staff.

HULIQ (2/14): "Gas Prices and GOP Pressure Obama Into Tapping Oil Reserves" by Annisa Ford.

The Daily Camera (2/14): "Boulder Researchers Study Fate of Oil In Gulf Spill" by Laura Snider.

March 13

Reuters (2/12): "Oil Spill Offers Clues on Air Pollution" by Staff.

March 12

Houston Chronicle (2/12): "Bureau Issues a Second Deep-water Drilling Permit" by Jennifer Dougly.

March 11

The Republic (2/11): "State of Alabama encouraging BP Oil Spill Victims to File Papers as Legal Deadline Approaches" by AP Staff.

Science Codex (2/11): "New Study Reveals Aerosol Plumes Downwind of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill" by Staff.

The Examiner (2/11): "Airborne Pollution From BP Oil Spill Can Affect Health" by Susan Hillman.

Times Picayune (2/11): "St. Tammy Officials Seeking Information About Damage to Businesses from BP Oil Spill" by Christine Harvey.

March 10

Times Picayune (3/10): "Lawmakers Push for Extension of Offshore Drilling Leases" by Bruce Alpert.

March 9

Al Jazeera English (3/9): "Gulf Spill Sickness Wrecking Lives" by Dahr Jamail.

March 7

Austin Statesman (3/7): "BP CEO Apologizes to Oil Industry for Gulf Spill" by Staff.

March 6

Houston Chronicle (3/6): "The Resumption of Deep-water Drilling" by Michael Bromwich.

Wall Street Journal (3/6): "Head of Panel That Investigated Gulf Oil Spill Talks About the Disaster and Its Fallout" by Staff.

Wall Street Journal (3/6): "Criminal Investigations into BP Oil Spill Are Consolidated" by Tennille Tracy.

Louisiana Record (3/6): "Insurance Issues Surface in BP Oil Spill Litigation" by Steve Korris.

March 5

Sports Interaction (3/5): "BP Oil Spill Addressing Casino Workers Claims" by Mike Schultz.

The Chronicle Herald (3/5): "Blessing of the Fleet in Doubt" by Staff.

AOL News (3/5): "Will Mardi Gras Revelers Feast on Gulf Seafood?" by Betwa Sherma.

March 4

Houston Business Journal (3/4): "BP Oil Spill Could have been Prevented" by Jay Hakes.

The News Star (3/4): "Salazar: Drilling Permits on Way" by Deborah Barfield Berry.

New York Times (3/4): "Critics Assail Salazar's Oil Production Statistics" by Phil Taylor.

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March 3

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March 2

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February 28

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February 27

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February 26

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February 25

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February 24

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February 23

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February 22

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February 21

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February 20

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February 18

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February 17

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February 16

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February 15

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February 14

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February 11

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February 10

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February 9

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February 7

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February 4

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February 2

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February 1

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January 21

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January 14

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January 13

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January 11

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January 7

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January 6

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January 5

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January 4, 2011

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December 23

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December 22

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December 21

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December 20

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December 17

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December 16

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December 15

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December 14

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December 13

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December 10

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December 8

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December 7

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December 6

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December 3

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November 30

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November 29

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November 24

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November 23

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November 22

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November 19

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November 17

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November 15

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November 12

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November 11

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Novemeber 9

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November 8

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November 5 

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November 4

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October 15

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