April 2011

Emerald Coastkeeper events this week

Hello folks. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful spring weather in northwest Florida. I am so pleased to report that I have had several conversations with ECK business owner members and they have reported excellent spring break numbers, a much needed reprieve after last year. We have 3 events this week; I hope to see you at at least 1 of them. All events are free and open to the public.

Thursday's Gumbo on Friday

Yesterday was an interesting, exhausting, and exciting day for BP executives and those that attended BP's annual general meeting to express concern and outrage in the aftermath of our nation’s largest environmental disaster. As I mentioned yesterday, Tracy, Louisiana Bayoukeeper, and Mike, her husband, own a small family fishing business in Barataria Bay, LA. They traveled all the way to London this week on the generous donation of Gulf Coast Fund to attend BP’s shareholder meeting.

Gulf Coast Residents Denied Access to BP Shareholder Meeting

Just before 6am CST I received a text message from Tracy Kuhns, the Louisiana Bayoukeeper. She and Mike, her husband, along with three other Gulf coast residents traveled to London this week to attend the BP shareholder meeting. The text message stated, “we were denied access to shareholder meeting. We didn’t get rowdy we weren’t given a reason.”

Bring Those Oil Spill Fines to Gulf States

This Op-Ed was published by Galveston Daily News and written by Galveston Baykeeper, Charlotte Wells.

Bring Those Oil Spill Fines to Gulf States

BP 1 year memorial and Earth Day Symposium

Earth Day and BP memorial events
UWF Conference Center, April 20th, 2011

Thursday's Gumbo

Yesterday afternoon I attended a meeting sponsored by the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) in Harvey, LA, an area just across the river from New Orleans. The meeting was all about NRDA, the Natural Resources Damage Assessment, process. NRDA is one of the three pathways to bring penalties resulting from the BP oil disaster back to the Gulf coast for ecological restoration.

Monitoring The Mississippi

On Monday, March 28, 2011 Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper conducted a 50
 mile on-the-water patrol into southern Breton Sound which included a
stop at Breton Island.

Louisiana Bayoukeeper received reports of possible oil in the Breton
Sound area from local fishermen and we received similar reports from
folks conducting aerial patrols with the organization On Wings of

BP oil update

In the past couple weeks I have attended 3 meetings related to response and recovery from the BP oil discharge. Below is a summary of what was discovered at each meeting.

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