April 2011

Thursday's Gumbo: Our Thoughts Are With Those Impacted by Last Night's Tornadoes

John Wathen, Hurricane Creekkeeper, in Tuscaloosa, AL survived the deadly tornadoes that hit seven states last night. John lost his Creekkeeper office and most of his camera equipment. If you have followed the work of the Gulf Coast Waterkeepers, you know John's work. Over the past year, John has worked tirelessly to photograph and videograph the continuing BP oil disaster.

NRDA and Clean Water Act Penalty Legislation on the Gulf Coast

This blog was written by Tammy Herrington, Mobile Baykeeper Deputy Director.

Do NOT flush or toss out unused medicines!

For years we were taught to dispose of unused medicines by flushing
them. Little did we know, this practice would have a devastating
impact on water quality nationwide, especially for those communities
who get their drinking water from surface waters (thankfully not an
issue for us here in NWFL!).

However, our area has been impacted by this historical practice as
wastewater treatment facilities are not set up to remove these
chemicals during treatment and our surface waters still receive an

The Activists at Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper

One year ago today the battle to save the burning Deepwater Horizon
drilling platform was lost, the rig slowly sank below the surface of
the Gulf of Mexico and the battle to control the oil gushing from the
damaged well began. Within short order the Waterkeepers in the
affected area came together to pool knowledge and resources and thus
Save Our Gulf was born. Over the last year Lower Mississippi
Riverkeeper and the other Save Our Gulf Waterkeepers have worked
tirelessly to respond to the BP oil disaster.

Thursday's Gumbo: The BP Oil Disaster One Year Later

Yesterday was the one-year mark of the BP oil disaster. It has been a busy week. A week of reflection mixed with a renewed sense of urgency for all of us to create more sustainable communities. Our country can’t afford, financially, socially, environmentally or even emotionally, to suffer another disaster of this scale. One year later, we must learn the lessons of this disaster and we must move forward together to find the solutions we need to truly protect our communities from oil pollution.

Does your business depend on Florida seafood?

Florida's aquatic preserves are at risk of being severely impacted. Please take a minute to contact your Florida Legislators and them know how important our aquatic preserves are. Details on linked flyer: here


Remembering the Summer of 2010

This blog was written Tammy Herrington, Deputy Director, Mobile Baykeeper late last summer in the weeks just after the BP Oil Disaster.

Waterkeeper Alliance, SkyTruth, and SouthWings Launch Gulf Monitoring Consortium

We are so excited to share with you that this morning SkyTruth, SouthWings, and Waterkeeper Alliance launched the Gulf Monitoring Consortium. The Gulf Monitoring Consortium is a rapid response alliance that collects, analyzes and publishes images and other information by space, air, and water in order to bring truth to oil pollution incidents that occur in the Gulf of Mexico.

Give 1 minute to help the Gulf Coast!

Clean Water Act Fines Must Be Returned To Gulf Coast States!

Stand By Gulf Coast Waterkeepers

It's time to stand with our Gulf Coast Waterkeepers and demand that Congress return all Clean Water Act penalties to the Gulf Coast.

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