November 2010

Article and Video: Returning to the Scene of the Grime (Boston Globe)

On November 21, 2010, the Boston Globe's Beth Daley reported on the research of four researchers from Massachusetts.  The scientists--all based out of the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences in Plymouth, Mass.--are documenting the effects that the Gulf oil disaster continues to have on ecosystems along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Their specialty: shorebirds. We thought you would find their work with the American oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus) particularly interesting.

Oil moving up the food chain in the Gulf!

The Food Chain in the Gulf

NOAA scared of peer review!

NOAA's message in this story: "Forget peer review, if your testing results are different then ours, and make us look like a bunch of.....then you should not publish them...."

New Video: Crude Justice (from Alliance for Justice)

Shot on location in Louisiana, this film explores the damage done by this unimaginable environmental calamity to the lives and livelihoods of the people who depend on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for their income, their food, and the continuation of their culture.

Crude Justice from Alliance for Justice on Vimeo.

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