August 2010

It has NOT disappeared!

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Analytical sampling websites

A few websites which may be of interest to anyone looking for results of

BP Disaster Continues to Wreak Death and Destruction

LEAN member and New Orleans photographer Jerry Moran revisited Raccoon Island on August 8, 2010 to find more of the same death and destruction that he found on his visit on July 18, 2010.

Of his July 18, 2010 trip to Raccoon Island Jerry wrote:

The Washington Times reporter should take a boat ride with "Catfish" into the Gulf of Mexico

In a The Washington Times article yesterday, August 11, 2010, claims were made that fishermen were not concerned about seafood safety, but instead are just concerned about hanging on to Vessels Of Opportunity income.  This video shows a trip into open Mississippi fishing grounds yesterday that shows the real issue.  Evidence of plumbs of oil/dispersant in these fishing grounds.

Must See Video of Oiled Crabs and Fish Kills

This is heart breaking, but a must see.  Our elected officials want to mkake this just go away, but it hasn't.  This is reality in the Gulf.  All of these pictures where taken last week while they were saying we can move on to recovery. 


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