Save Our Gulf is the beneficiary of amazing partnerships, donations and in-kind services from across the nation, and the world. While we cannot thank everyone individually, we sincerely appreciate the hard work, time and financial contributions that allow us to continue to protect and restore the Gulf Coast and its communities.
ACF’s mission is to improve and protect the quality of Alabama’s coastal resources by identifying and solving problems through education, cooperation and participation.  ACF has partnered with Mobile Baykeeper and Save Our Gulf to document the natural resources impacted by the oil disaster in Alabama.
The Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health is a grantmaking institution that supports progressive movement building in the Gulf Coast region.  GCF has graciously provided emergency funding to the Gulf Waterkeepers impacted by the oil disaster. Thank you!
Hurricane Creekkeeper John Wathen has tirelessly documented the impacts of the oil disaster from the air and sea. His photos and videos have been viewed by millions of people around the world and are instrumental in helping Save Our Gulf tell the story of the Gulf Coast (if you would like to use John’s photos, please contact him directly). An additional thanks to Southwings for generously providing planes and pilots to John and other Waterkeepers across the southeast.
Jack Johnson’s “To The Sea” Tour is connecting All At Once community members and non-profits like the Waterkeepers of Save Our Gulf for donations and volunteerism.  The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation has committed $30,000 in direct donations and $40,000 in matching funds to non-profits working on oil disaster relief efforts along the Coast.
For more than 24 years, LEAN has been a leader in environmental protection in Louisiana.
The good folks at Muscle + Bone donated many hours of their valuable time to give Save Our Gulf a crisp, clean redesign to better help us tell our story. Thank you Alan and JJ! 
My Gulf Action is a campaign of Climate Culture. To reduce our nation's dependence on fossil fuels and offshore drilling – and to avoid another Gulf disaster – Americans must take responsibility for our personal energy use. My Gulf Action provides tools for reducing your personal oil dependency.
Network Redux is providing a critical service – web hosting – to Save Our Gulf.  Thank you!
Patagonia has graciously donated to Save Our Gulf and other organizations working in the coastal areas and communities affected by the disaster.  Thank you! 
Southwings has partnered with Waterkeepers all over the southeast to fly over disasters and other sources of water pollution for years. Thank you to all of the Southwings pilots and staff for your time, energy and invaluable expertise! 
Long-time supporters of clean water and Waterkeeper Alliance, Teva generously donated to Save Our Gulf during the early days of the crisis and continues to spread the word through this public service video.
The developers at ThinkShout have spent hundreds of donated hours in creating a smooth internet presence for Save Our Gulf, creating groundbreaking tools to collect observations from the field and training Waterkeepers to use social media.  Thank you Sean, Lev and the rest of the team!
Thank you Cyrus Buffum for getting Save Our Gulf off the ground and running in the early days of the disaster! 
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