About the Gulf Coast Advisory Team

In response to the April 20, 2010 BP oil rig explosion and the continued long-term oiling of the Gulf of Mexico, coast and inland waters, Waterkeeper Alliance convened a team comprised of veteran Waterkeepers with direct experience with catastrophic oil spills. This team provides ongoing tactical, technical and communications support to the Gulf Waterkeepers and their communities.  

The team is chaired by NY/NJ Baykeeper Emeritus Andy Willner, and includes Casco Baykeeper Joe Payne, Cook Inletkeeper Bob Shavelson, Delaware Riverkeeper Maya van Rossum, Narragansett Baykeeper John Torgan, Prince William Soundkeeper Jennifer Gibbons, San Francisco Baykeeper Deb Self, and San Francisco Baykeeper Emeritus Mike Herz. Combined, these Waterkeepers have more than a century of oil spill experience.

"We're all affected by this spill – responding to it must be a national priority," said Chair Andy Willner. "We're pulling together some of the most knowledgeable people in the world on oil spills to make sure we give this our very best effort."

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